Come decorare le uova di Pasqua: idee originali

Decorating Easter eggs is fun and can be a creative activity to do also with the children.
After making your Easter tree , devote yourself to make a centerpiece with a small basket with the decorated eggs , to give to the table a spring touch.
Here are some original ideas:

How to decorate hard-boiled Easter eggs

To realize the decorated Easter eggs , you will need:

  • eggs to harden in the boiling water for 7 minutes

  • a brush up very

  • of tempera paints with which to make of themed designs

  • of natural ingredients

The ideal would be to put them in a wicker basket in the same color of the eggs, perhaps with a few colored raffia and place them as a centerpiece in the living room.
The trick is to get the colored eggs to add to the water of the natural ingredients but dyes .

How coloring hard-boiled eggs

How to decorate Easter eggs with monograms

This is a very original idea to get out of the monotony of simple colored eggs.
Just add the initials of family members or to all the guests who will attend to your Easter dinner .

You can achieve this Easter eggs with monograms with a glitter touch or simply by painting the initials.

How to decorate Easter eggs with shaving foam

Creative and very entertaining are the super Easter eggs decorated with shaving foam.

It is made by coating a floor of shaving foam and adding food coloring.

Then stirred with a long stuzzicandenti formed of color spirals and then decorated egg.
The secret to get different shades, it is in the egg shell that has to be white.

How to decorate Easter eggs marbled

Without spending too much or getting stressed in search of Easter decorations , let us dedicate ourselves to the art of DIY and produce some nice decorations Easter .

Even the eggs decorated with marble effect are easy to implement but it takes a very specific process.

Learn how to decorate Easter eggs marbled

Easter table decorations

Decorating eggs is just a way to give a springtime touch to the house at Easter but there are many other jobs you can experiment.

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